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Style + Bale is a modern and simple gifting service providing stylish monochrome gift boxes which have all been curated with love and each thought out carefully to suit the individual.

We are a luxury gifting small business, that is made up of quality, and not a production line made up of quantity.

A variety of high-quality and luxurious products are used which have been sourced throughout Australia wherever possible. Most of the products are of a gourmet nature, made in small batches or handcrafted with a true Aussie hardworking story behind them all. That's why we love to support small Australian businesses, and pass on the care and love that is within their products and include them in each and every gift box with the thought of each product carefully selected, as we would want to receive as a gift ourselves.

Stylish modern and quality products that are also affordable. 

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Style + Bale knows that every gift box is intended for a special occasion or milestone moment, and strives to make the entire shopping experience for you as rewarding and easy as possible to leave you and your loved ones with a memorable experience and to love our gifts as much as we do. 

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ABOUT: About Us


- About me, Jade


Style + Bale was created by a fussy Mum, of two little munchkins who loves to keep herself busy. 

I have always loved giving gifts and especially pretty ones, that are wrapped elegantly or beautifully presented. I love anything that is artistic, creative and I like things to match. 

My Nana used to keep me home from school on a day close to Christmas so I could wrap all her Christmas gifts for her, to make them even more beautiful, and I loved it.  She used to say I wrap gifts and present them with beautiful bows and ribbon like what you would receive at a David Jones counter. She was a lover of quality and all things nice - I definitely take after her.

Not only do I love beautifully presented gifts, I like quality gifts that don't cost the earth. 

I like to shop...actually I love shopping, and anyone that knows me can actually vouch for that. When I go shopping I like to look around, I look down all the aisle's, I like to touch nearly everything in the store and pick things up. I like taking my time and that's why I hardly ever go shopping with my husband as he is always hurrying me up or ask's why do you take so long?

I'm also very indecisive. I need to look at all the options and think of the best outcome whether its purchasing for myself, for my family or as a gift.

I also love anything that is gourmet... and so does my eight year old son for that matter! I love eating at beautiful cafe's, enjoying high tea with my mini me daughter who is five...going on fifteen!, or with any of my beautiful sister's.  I love coffee and eat chocolate all the time, and good quality chocolate.

My husband and I both love gourmet food whether it is at a restaurant or my home cooking. I love to cook gourmet food for my amazing husband and kids and also love to bake delicious cakes and anything sweet

- and this all came from my beautiful Nana, who used to baked delicious goods all the time. 

In my gift range I also wanted a luxurious dog gift box, as we have dog lovers in our family and noticed there were not a lot on offer with deluxe treats and a natural dog wash range, that was suitable for all types of dogs including our puppy Mac who is 16yrs old but acts like she's still 6yrs old.   

I am an over the top person, who is very fussy and like to go above and beyond for my family, friends and especially my kids. I come from a large family and have always know to share, and think it's lovely to share something with some you love or care about. 

I am also loud and talk a lot, well people say I don't shut up talking and I could talk under water. So maybe it's best if you need to get in contact with me, to just email me, it would be safer. 

My love of all things nice, gourmet and good quality items and the happiness on peoples faces and the joy I get in gifting to family, friends or even teachers for that matter, is pretty much the reason I founded Style and Bale. Also the fact that my daughter had just started prep at school and I freaked out thinking to myself, what am I going to do now, after being a beauty therapist for over fifteen years. 

I also wanted a meaningful name that was modern and simple.

Style resembles when you are styling and curating nice and stylish items and Bale was a thought of packaging everything up nice and tightly, and securing with string (or a ribbon for that matter). It also had a resemblance in growing up on a farm with the bales of hay, and that's how Style + Bale was founded. 


ABOUT: Meet The Team
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ABOUT: Image
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